Smoking – #1 Cause of Death – How to Stop Smoking?

When people talk about smoking, they usually refer to the habit of smoking cigarettes which contain tobacco that is burned and the resulting smoke is inhaled. Inhaling the gas form of a substance is a very efficient way of delivering drugs into a person’s bloodstream and affects people very quickly. In case of smoking, the inhaled substances affects the brain in a similar way that endorphins and dopamines do; the brain associates these with feelings of pleasure. Consequently, smoking can be fun and is effectively a legal recreational drug.

Number of one cause of death

Unfortunately for smokers, the act of smoking has many and serious health effects: the burning tobacco creates carbon monoxide which reduces the blood’s ability to carry XP 77W Kit oxygen when inhaled into the lungs. Furthermore, there are toxic elements in Tobacco that cause additional health damages.

Until a mere few decades ago, smoking was not perceived to be an unhealthy habit. However, countless studies have proven unarguably that smoking tobacco can result in numerous diseases such as lung cancer, heart attacks and strokes. It can also result in birth defects of unborn children (such as low birth weight) if a pregnant mother smokes. Finally, it can even cause impotence, which although is not lethal, is never good news for any male.

In addition, there’s the effect of second hand smoking. Bystanders, often children of a smoker, are affected as well (albeit to a lesser extent) without having smoked themselves. So smoking cessation should be the goal of every smoker!

Over a billion people worldwide smoke – an astonishing number, considering the health risks, which are widely known. In fact, in some countries (such as the UK) every cigarette box has an almost ridiculous large warning of the dangers of smoking. Yet still such an enormous number of people smoke.