Tough Questions About God (Part 3) – Why is the Bible Non-Scientific?

This is section 4 of a 10 section series that handles intense inquiries concerning God and His evident nonattendance from our present reality. The inquiry: “For what reason is the holy book non-logical?” I’ve heard this inquiry being posed to many times, and it appears to be an intense inquiry at first…if you don’t know God that is. You see the book of scriptures isn’t nor was it at any point intended to be a science book. Science and the good book quite seldom concur with one another. One reason for that is our science depends on this rotting actual world and regulations, while God and the good book depend on the timeless otherworldly world.

Science and the Bible

On those uncommon events where science and the holy book in all actuality do settle on one another, humankind loves to assume all the acknowledgment for finding something that God uncovered to us millennia prior. Take the earths shape. Might you at any point think about who found that the earth is round in shape? I’ll wager you said or considered Christopher Columbus. In the event that you did, you were off-base! Just sit back and relax, the vast majority of individuals perusing this article would have said exactly the same thing.

It is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth, and the occupants thereof are as grasshoppers; that stretcheth out the sky as a drape, and spreadeth them out as a tent to stay in (Isaiah 40:22)

God uncovered to us that the earth is roundabout The days of Noah in shape millennia before the introduction of Christopher Columbus. So for what reason did you suppose it was Christoper Columbus and not God who found the world’s right shape? For what reason didn’t we counsel the book of scriptures and search out what God uncovered to us? Likely in light of the fact that you were educated to feel that in school. Our educational system is firmly wound with the science local area, and science DOES NOT maintain that you should have faith in God. For what other reason could the state funded educational system totally eliminate creation and what God uncovered in the book of scriptures from it’s educational plan?


Science and the Bible have a place as a lot together as Willie Nelson and Britney Spears (you get my meaning). The Bible is a precisely definite verifiable book that has extraordinary expectations and disclosures, that can not be explained…other than it was given to us by a higher power. On the off chance that the science world, and our educational systems need to excuse this as imprudence, or eliminate it from our insight, then that must be crafted by Satan himself! The soul world, God, and Satan truly do exist regardless of whether we like it. Which side would you say you are on? May God favor you,