What is the Perfect Fish Oil Dosage?

Oil supplements from fish are known to be the primary and the best source of Omega-3 fatty acids. This is said because of its contents which are mainly the DHA and the EPA. These acids promote and even enhance our well-being.

But one thing you should be conscious about is the correct fish oil dosage. It should have the most efficient dosage which prevents health disasters and such. Experts connote that the amount of the fatty acids (Omega-3) chiefly determine the exact dosage you should apply.

There is not really an exact amount recommended of fatty acids from fish to be taken in everyday. There is quite a commotion on this area because things are not that specific. All we could really say is particular are dosages which are only suggested.

Since fatty acids from fish are not a chemical but a natural and raw substance, it is considered they may not have serious side effects only if it is at its freshest, and of course, molecularly distilled so as to remove malicious contaminants.

Keep in mind that a thousand milligrams of fish oils as supplements, does not actually equal to a thousand milligrams of Omega-3 consumption. At most RAD 140 times, the Omega-3 consumes about fifty percent of each capsule.

But consider this fact: dissimilar supplement brands each have a different amount of EPA and DHA. These facts ricocheting from each proven fact to the next is a great hindrance to concluding the advocated fish oil dosage.

Some experts claim that a high dosage of these essential fatty acids is helpful to those who are suffering severe emotional depression and athletes as well. But despite this, it is also a requisite to keep in mind that Omega-3 thins the blood naturally, much like an aspirin.

This pushes those people who take some forms of blood thinners should avoid high dosages because it may cause extreme bleeding. What these people should do is consult your physician or doctor before even thinking of taking and Omega-3 supplement program.

The fish oil dosage suggested for those who are quite healthy but without any kind of health condition is about two thousand milligrams per day. But there are those who already sense results taking as little as a thousand milligrams. People who suffer from Crohn’s disease or depression can even take up to six thousand milligrams per day.